Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Well 2012 vs 2013

Last year everything was low key, just got a little help and support from family and friends.  This year, it's a new scale.  Trying to raise funds for all of us.

On Monday I ventured into a media adventure.  Started off at 06:10... on CBC radio.  Then at 7:20 at CFRA and 7:55 at CTV2

So if anyone knows of some additional funding... anyone who would wish to fund this project...

**Goodness me... I have great news to announce!! I'm only $400 short of my goal! I'm at $1100! Thank you everyone so very much! Less than a month till we head down and I'm so greatful to the help that everyone has provided! **

It's getting closer - we leave in a month today.
Thanks again to those who have supported us.  :)


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