Thursday, March 28, 2013

In a week... and then in two more days...

Things are happening quickly. Very quickly. I've gone to Halifax to meet my gorgeous niece, Dakota Rose. Had a 5 day sprint to visit, watch her grow and wiggle and poop and sleep... yup... sounds about right for a 1 month old human right?

wee dakota napping with me!!

 Now I am back in Ottawa and a week from tonight, I will be finishing my last shift before the next adventure - aka Progress in Paramedicine - Nicaragua! Holy jumpin'. And with all efforts combined, we have raised enough to get all of our Nicaraguan Participants and Translators to the event and we're working to compile the rest of the teaching curriculum. I am planning on going equipped with markers and hope for some chart paper so we can get the rest of the teaching tools put together. I was hoping that Ottawa U would be able to help with some teaching aids, but looks like maybe another time! WE of course will take additional donations, but best to do it either via email money transfer or if you are in Ottawa try out the BMO and just tell them it is for the paramedics going to nicaragua, and it will get to us. This year has had its growing pains, it was challenging to get everyone involved, our shifts don't make it easy. For future endeavours, we will have learned lots from this event, and can apply things to further make the planning and adventure a real success.

So, at this point in time I want to make sure i do thank yous! Family and friends - you will get my notes to you saying how much this rocked again, and how the first steps are often the hardest but you have all helped immensely! And then there are the folks at Art-is-in and their delicious bread for the chili day, Denise for helping me get the quick interview on CBC morning, CTV2, CFRA, and the future help from others.  I am sure there are more and they will hear from me soon.

My final thanks is to those who kicked in and put on events, crammed in as much support as we could on such a short time frame... totally awesome.  We did get to an honest goal, and we earned every dollar.  Thank you so much for your help, and for believing in this even though we're in the early stages.  I hope that this investment this year means you will consider future years.

Once again, Skylark, Los Medranos, Nicaragua, here we come.  None of us will ever be quite the same! :)

From start to finish... great times and good memories.

The final graduation ceremony - entertainment
Ambulance down the road... is there gas in it?

practice makes perfect 
Transportation is varried here... but fun!

Thanks again everyone... The best part of the adventure is about to begin... 

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