Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 mission complete, and 13 medics with great memories

Well, this year came crashing together with immense success, new attention, support and encouragement from unexpected places.  I can't begin to express how shocked, excited and stoked I was when it came to the departure day.

A quick summary for today! There were 37 returning nicaraguans from Carazo province who arrived.  It was great to have a chance to visit again, hear stories, share experiences, learn from what others had done and then learn more from us! All 13 paramedics participating were involved 110%, with lesson plans, creative activities for some much drier topics and pushing participants to develop more critical thinking, creativity and confidence.  All of us remember how nervous we were to be "the one" when you feel like you have barely learned the material.  From the stories, and sharing that happened, it sounds like they did great! From Blood pressure assessments, trauma management, heart attacks and generally unwell... good hands on application was had by pretty much every participant.  

Overall these stories told me that everyone was well appreciated and that their efforts were respected and thanked by their communities.  

For me, it was the usual challenge, somedays pushing out of my shell, learning some new words in spanish (I just hope that I can remember them for next year!) and planning teaching lessons, learning new information - I don't know much about poison snakes, spiders and scorpions in Nicaragua, so it was teaching me too! It was an intense, challenging and enjoyable week.

Lessons being prepared

Last day practice and skill evaluation... 

The Jinoteppe group managing c-spine

I will get to some additional information this week, as I am diving back into work.  Thanks everyone again to those who helped, supported, encouraged and cheered us on! :) 

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