Friday, December 20, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Hands on, hard working and passionate students!
'Tis the season... and 'tis the time I start thinking about the next course... not even just my own course.  I am gearing up for the next journey to Nicaragua.  We have another new group of 12 medics, which is exciting, but strangely daunting.  I've never been one to be the huuuge organizer. But as I see the group as it shuffles, swells and dips and grows once again... I'm encouraged.

I am also making sure that if people find April difficult that there is always the option of November 2014.  We always have 2 groups go down each year.  The most recent group was small and I want each section to be as successful as the last.

Either way, I am excited.  There have been changes at Skylark, with Ellen and Fifo in Tennessee, there are new faces to meet and get to know.  Gary is encouraged by the interest and the next year coming our way.  The Nicaraguans are a completely new and inexperienced group.  So we go back to basics.  I am hoping to see the same interpreters or course, but I am sure that there will be changes to that group also, it's a fluid world.

Now, fundraising.  Each of us need to raise $1500.  We each pay $1000 for the trip, use up our much valued vacation time too. The $1500 is additional.  That is what covers the additional costs of just getting participants to the site, housing, feeding, and equipment, not to mention paying the interpreters and making sure Skylark is maintained and as fantastic a facility as it always is.  We were lucky and got one donation right at the outset! :) Now we work hard with chili cook offs, approaching corporate sponsors, family and friends, retail sponsors, etc.

My request to friends, family and colleagues - any suggestions, people you can put me in touch with, opportunitues, etc.  would be much appreciated.  I'm looking for anything and anyone, I have professional letters available for businesses as a formal proposal.

More fun to come! Keep on the blog! :D Cheers and thanks to everyone for the continued support!!! <3


  1. Got my support! Will give it some thought!

  2. Thanks Rand! :) We can chat about logos and images and such! :)