Monday, February 18, 2013

Gratitude is building

Sometimes I wonder if I am actually expressing the experience well enough for others to appreciate, and then when I get that little bit of support, I realize that I must have said or done something right. My uncle, my dad and my younger sis have all posted links to this little blog. I've had some very enthusiastic assistance because of that. It does amaze me. I think that I am off in my own poor little head... but really I am actually able to share this wild ride I am on, and even use the english language and yes... my amateur photography to pass along the excitement. So I guess what I am saying is - Thanks so very much for the support. It's getting up there. I would like to say I got all $1500, but I'm getting slowly closer to making the target. The official total thus far: 470.00. Sweet! I can accept donations from email money transfers or the post I wrote just prior to this one has a little "DONATE" button on there that links right up to Paypal. And for a nominal fee it seems to work well for people. But email money transfers are just as good to me. Thank you again. And as a little inspiration, a favourite pic of my favourite God Uncle ever...

Gracias amigos!

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