Thursday, February 14, 2013

Progress in Paramedicine... 2013

So now the challenge once again is to raise the funds, so we can get there, and get all 60 participants there and ready to learn and review.  This is admittedly not my favourite process in the adventure, but a necessary evil.  I did so well last year raising about $1000 from my family and friends which went directly to funding the mission and also supporting the year round efforts of Skylark.

As a group, those who are participating this year from Ottawa Paramedics, we're bugging our colleagues as much as we can, but don't want to wear out our welcome.  So I am hoping that as the next couple months pass that I will be able to ask again for my family and friends to help support me again.

This year adds the challenge of the continuing training, we have a group returning after having a year to work, practice and hopefully come up with more challenges, solutions and ideas.  I am looking forward to this chance to return and see the improvements.

So, today I am setting up straight through paypal a donation button, which I hope will get well used.  $5 is great, more than that steps me forward toward my goal.  I would love to see that $1000 tally again.  $1500 would be even better and I am using it as my official goal.  So I hope you can help, allow me the privilege to help and teach again this year.  To show another group of Paramedics just how much of an impact education can have on a community - empowering them to provide for their friends, families, neighbours and visitors.  And I hope eventually encouraging some of the youth to provide further care through further education.

Pretty neat, eh?

Let's see what we can make work... Cheers!

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