Friday, February 8, 2013

Graduation, giggling, gracias...

Well, I am doing a bit of reflection, looking at what I am going back into and how similar yet different it is going to be.  

The measure of success is not the piece of paper... it is the moment where pride is felt by both teacher and student. The smiles, the actions and competence... sure did mark a week of success.  


Amanda and Ellen helped with our lessons and worked on their spanish medical vocabulary.

Celebrations are had, laughs and thanks were shared.  We managed to communicate skills, knowledge, attitude and work ethic were also shared.  I also think that we're not just teaching but we are learning. I have so much more I want to learn.  I really would like to try to get a better grasp on my spanish - maybe on this trip.  I'm very excited in hopes that we get the same group of translators.  I felt very blessed that we got to work with them.  They were so talented - like multi-tasking in your brain all the way! :)

Traditional dance performed for us by the students.
Getting Kevin involved in the celebrations!

So in the end... I wish I had this done last april, but I knew this was just basically the wrap up and that the rest of the details were already down.  In fact it is nice to look back, especially knowing that April 5th I am going back.  Part 2 of the course - so some curriculum development, some review, so much fun.

The journey had an end, but more of a break until we next meet.. At the end of the day it looks like fun was had by all... ;)

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