Friday, April 27, 2012

Learning, teaching, doing...

Two days, 6x45 minute classes, vast amounts of knowledge shared.
I did teach, more on the second of those two days (that'd be wed and thurs)... It was such a blur - one group after the next, very different personalities, good questions, great stories, good experiences shared by everyone in the group.  As I said before I have such great respect for the translators!
I helped Arlette most of my first day - she was teaching the labour and delivery day.  She managed after the first class, to get onto youtube and get someones entire delivery on video to show to the group.  That was the impact that we wanted.  A mannequin can only teach so much.  Their faces when that video came up were just priceless - wide eyes, girls cringing in their chairs, strangely tho no giggling! They were very good, hands on with the mannequin was well handed, the steps and the skills were learned well.
 The L&D mannequin atleast gives an idea of what its like... as realistic... as it can be... :)
 Everyone that day became "proud parents" or proud something... :)
Yup... the video had some wide eyes, horrified faces and some grins... like "seriously someone goes through that?!"

I also helped out with backboarding, hot and cold emergencies, and more.  As I said... It was a blurrrr! :D We did as much hands on, practical experience, time to ask questions, think on their feet and give them a place to start from.  We worked on the initial assessments, continued working on interviewing, and it is just the beginning so these skills can only get better.  It was quite the adventure over these two days.

 Backboarding, collars, improvizing.  The boards were made on site - and not too bad really, just need a little tweaking.  We're hoping to send some down by the next trip too, not sure how or if we can, but it'd be so much nicer.
 Thanks to the translators and crayola markers, getting SAMPLE and OPQRST translated into something useable in spanish was an option.  So it became SAMHUE and CODIT, which got the point across and was much easier to understand.
 Ha ha... use your imagination - get them from the car to the backboard... cooperation, communication, speed and patience... ah the easy lessons in life?  They did really pretty well... :D
Tie 'em up and take 'em out! Practicing where they felt they needed to - vital signs, bandaging, while others did splinting, eye injuries and vital signs.  Every group had very different dynamics, and the student in the chair - he was really good, very smart and on the ball, and totally hands on, and very assertive.  

It's interesting though, as I see myself now... I think I am one of those too.  I do my best to just sit back but I am so... bad.  Atleast I have finally noticed that... now I just have to learn a balance... the easy lesson... balance :S

Anyway - those two evenings we did go in to town for icecream, hung out in the square and got away from everything.  Fifo and Ellen took us down, which was so nice of them - not that icecream was a bad reason to go in either.  :)

 Oh my... the stories we told, and the charrades, and the evening of fun and goofing around! Ha ha! Good fun.
We did have our R&R - though not a traditional vacation... :) It was a little bit of refreshment and playing after a long teaching day.

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