Friday, January 24, 2014

NOW OPEN TO ACCEPTING DONATIONS!!! The button is open for business!!

I am going to attempt to post a donation button...

I find that the beginning of fundraising is usually slow, and I am not sure if it is just the same thing I do... "Oh yeah, I have to do that!" and then I wait and the few weeks before deadline I get on it... or maybe it is just the post-holiday adventure... trying to settle things up a bit.

Either way... I want to make it easier for everyone, to have access.  I don't need/want huge donations, but every little bit does help.

I spoke to two groups of medics yesterday, it was nice to be able to tell the purpose and the stories and what gets me fired up... but when i go in cold... I feel like I ramble... well I do ramble.  I have a lot to say about this experience though.  About the people and their physical, mental and emotional investment they are making to this week and how fantastic they are.  I just hope it encourages everyone to support us, to support the event.

As for events, as I ramble on here... we have TWO pub nights coming up... February 3 and March 10th.  We are going to be at MacLarens on Elgin St.  These are two Sens game nights.  There are pool tables.  Raffles and 50/50 will be taking place too.  Hoping to get everyone we can out, medics, friends, families, anyone is welcome!

Looking for suggestions on how to make a poster/banner.  I can't spend a lot of money, if anyone knows of a generous soul who will help me out, let me know!! :)

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