Friday, January 17, 2014

First event... and how to bring in the donations?

Well, next week is Chili days...
We set it up at the Paramedic Headquarters, and our colleagues are generous and help us out.

I am trying to figure out best fundraising options, like the website fundraising sites that will help you get everything into paypal, which has worked in the past.  Examples such as crowdirise, fundrazr and rocket hub.
The downfall to these sites is the 4.5% and more that they take.  Some take off paypal and credit card fees too.

Anyone have any ideas about how to properly fundraise? What is the easiest way to collect donations? I can take email money transfers or do one of these online things.  We have the Bank Of Montreal branches in Ottawa set up to accept money for Nicaragua 2013 - Progress in Paramedicine, we are working on changing the name to something more generic.

Pass on your ideas!

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