Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fundraising, cookies and adventures...

I want you!
I want a group of people who find sharing our knowledge a blast!
5 days of teaching, interacting, maybe even learning some new Spanish words? The bonus is working with a community and working with people who are passionate. 
Unlike giving stuff and money, we are giving knowledge and skills, these things are much more challenging to use.  It is also the opportunity to bring out our inner McGyver and see our jobs from a different perspective.
We always luck out with the groups we get to teach.  We always find that they have a surplus of motivation, and interest in the skills.  Nor do I blame them for that... I still remember learning to lifeguard, my first first-aid course and my first experience in school training to be a paramedic - it was exciting... there's a certain romance in the Emergency fields... and some days a little cape....  We have stuff to offer.

The challenge that seems to intimidate everyone - fundraising.  Every year my friends and family have been wholeheartedly supporting me when I tell them what I am doing.  It is a busy week, with opportunities for relaxation, and a chance to see a community.  I'm excited to go back a third time and see the kids as they grow up further.  The tiny ones I met while they were in diapers and bare feet should now be running to keep up to their older siblings and causing mischief.  They are a gracious community, they are hard working with what little they have. 

The interesting part is that they never ask us for stuff.  They don't expect that we are just going to dump our suitcases for them.  Everything or anything that is left that is not first aid equipment is used to provide for the community but it is provided as a store setting, a chance for them to purchase what they have earned.  Prices are mere pennies, but the money goes into the community through programming.  They support themselves.  They in essence provide themselves with support, education and community. 

We have had a couple more people drop out.  I admit my challenge is engaging people, time is difficult, and email and text messaging don't always seem to translate the experience.  So a reminder... :)

 Spinals and burns,

Splinting and babies...

Allergies and asthma...

What don't we cover!

Working in a community,
Working to support the community.

 Each year we return we watch the growth

Each year we get to work with new faces and people.

Participants join us from the Carazo province, they are some bigger towns, some tiny villages and some very remote places isolated during different seasons.

We know our jobs and we know our skills. 

This year we are providing basic knowledge and skills to provide each community with a resource to promote healthy communities.

In the off time, we go exploring...
Icecream runs into the city
Maybe even Laguna de apoyo!

Share your stores and adventures,
Learning and working to provide resources currently missing in Nicaragua.

Share a few laughs, work with people you haven't worked with before, watch skills get retained.

It is no lounging mexican beach vacation but you'll have the chance to do some for a few days after the teaching.

Lots of chances for a beach vacation, this is a great chance to have relaxation and work have a little overlapping...

It's tricky to say that it isn't intense.  If you have never taught before it can be intimidating.  We have knowledge in our heads that is second nature.  This is a way to share it... and it gives back to people who need it.

I hope more people volunteer, put up the $1000 and help raise their own $1500.  We are under way, there is lots of support and a very unique adventure.  :)

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